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In Support of Rula Quawas & Academic Freedom, Safa’a Wrote;
“I graduated from the same university in 2010. I have witnessed some embarrassing situation with our female students and their male professors. I wanted to speak up on behalf of these students but they were too afraid to do that. I am not going to lie and say that I have gain nothing from this University but sometimes I regret graduating form such a great uni having such disgusting stories. We pretend we believe in God, some professors pretend to lead the message of education but sadly they lead other messages as well. Dr. Rula Quawas is one of the most great professors I have ever met. She is not only a professor to me, she is also a great mother who considers every student in this university is a child of hers. I know I have not attended any classes with her due to my major but I have witnessed every great piece of work she has done in the campus and in her lectures. May Allah Bless you Dr. Rula and be sure that we are all with you,”


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