More Supporters of Prof. Quawas on Social Websites

In Support of Rula Quawas & Academic Freedom, Dalya Wrote; 
“I said it once and i’ll say it again. Things are going downhill by the day over there. It’s all about protecting the reputation of an organization or NGO or someone’s interests. I remember writing about corporal punishment in Jordanian public schools. You should see the idiotic responses i got from education officials. Why are you writing about this? You want to harm the country’s reputation? You want to hurt our public school image? No pal, i want to turn a blind eye to the crap that goes on in your schools. Useless.”

In Support of Rula Quawas & Academic Freedom, Jafar Wrote; 
“As journalists we’ve seen this day in and day out, but this is a travesty on a whole new level. Quawas is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of teacher and her contribution to the university is in many ways unequalled. Teachers of her caliber are the saving grace of a university that has absolutely nothing to offer in terms of viable research or sustainable education. We are a culture of self-imposed mediocrity. We’d rather live in denial and swim in our own social sewage than look our problems in the eye.”

In Support of Rula Quawas & Academic Freedom, LizaWrote; 
“Very disappointing how JU will never become civilized- it’s way behind any plan towards intellectual development! Prof. Qawas is one of the unique, knowledgeable, and brilliant people one could ever have the privilege to meet.”


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One response to “More Supporters of Prof. Quawas on Social Websites”

  1. Paula J. King says :

    We support our friend Rula here in Minnesota. We are her friends and colleagues who attended the Global Women’s Leadership Convening: Women in Public Life together in July 2011. The actions taken by the of the University of Jordan, Amman embarrass and bring dishonor to the University much more than do the brave students who stood up for themselves against a climate of harassment of women. They are courageous. Acts of censorship are not.

    Silencing people backfires and it has backfired this time.

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