Supporters: Walid Maaytah

Special thanks to Walid Maaytah for sending the below words to “Supporting Rula Quawas & Academic Freedom”

We, as a people, are just so good at pretending that there’s no problem, which happens this time to be “Sexual Harassment.” We all know the depth and extent to which this problem exists and is spread in our society, but bringing up the subject to the forefront just irks some people who live in a coward, fantastic world where the best way to deal with a problem is to ignore it and it may just go away by itself. Rula is a brave woman, and I tip my hat to her in respect and appreciation – for her mind and for her courage to stand up and speak out. Moreover, I have no respect, but utter disgust, at any one that tries to muzzle and gag brave minds, and to stop them from exercising their God-given right of expressing their mind. Again, I salute you, Rula!



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