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I’ve been wanted to post this for a while and now have time since we were just given an unplanned four day weekend ((more on that later)). Anyway, a feminist theory class at the University of Jordan with the guidance of my current professor Rula Quawas made this video last semester. After the video was made, the UJ administration was outraged and dismissed Rula from her position as Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. The administration and some faculty and students were angry at Rula and her students for tarnishing UJ’s reputation by putting out a video of sexual harassment on campus.

I haven’t taken any other classes at UJ, but from what I hear, Rula is one of best scholars and professors on campus. She is insightful and thought-provoking, and her class “Contemporary Arab Feminist Writers” has been one of the best classes I’ve taken in college ((CMC included)). I can also say, as a woman who walks the huge UJ campus multiple times a day, this video isn’t dramatized. That’s not to say every single moment you’re on campus you are being harassed, but, to quote the article I linked below, there is a “systematic and unpunished sexual harassment of female students on the university campus”. It angers many students at UJ that the administration was outraged not with what the video revealed but the video itself.

The Middle East Studies Association wrote a letter to president of UJ defending the video and Rula’s actions that’s definitely worth reading:



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