A Letter of Support from Dr. Fadia Faqir

رسالة دعم جديدة يتلقاها رئيس الجامعة من الدكتورة والكاتبة فادية الفقير

28 November, 2012
Dr. Ikhleif  Tarawneh
University of Jordan
Amman 11942, Jordan

Dear President Tarawneh,
I am a Jordanian/British author and proud graduate of Jordan University, where I did my BA in English Literature. I am writing to you to express my dismay over the dismissal of Dr. Rula Quawas from her position as Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages at the University of Jordan over her students’ classroom project on sexual harassment. I strongly believe that terminating Dr. Quawas’ duties as dean represents a violation of academic freedom.
Dr. Quawas supervised a group of students in her class on Feminist Theory in the Fall 2011 semester. The students produced a short film on sexual harassment as experienced by female students on the University of Jordan campus. This video, which was posted on YouTube last summer and I watched, simply exposes types of harassment which students encounter on campus. It appears that the Vice-President was concerned about the university’s reputation rather than the welfare of his female students.
The arbitrary dismissal of Dean Quawas and the unpunished sexual harassment of female students on the university campus will tarnish the reputation of the university which has established itself as one of the leading academic institutions in the region. Issuing laws that protect both female and male students from sexual harassment, creating a procedure for grievances and offering counseling for victims will, no doubt, enhance the national and international reputation of an institution I am proud to call my alma mater.

Yours Sincerely,
Fadia Faqir (Dr.)
Writing Fellow


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