A fellow teacher at the Univeristy attacks Dr. Rula Quawas and the University President doesn’t seem to mind

Amjad Qourshah, an Assistant Professor  in Comparative Religions at The University of Jordan has been recently using his private Facebook page to call University students for action against Dr. Quawas. He openly accuses Dr. Rula Quawas of “Tarnishing the reputation of the University” and asks students to sign a petition for dismissing Dr. Rula from teaching at the university.

In one of the recent posts (today) on his facebook page regarding this issue, he asked students the following:
أطالب الاساتذة الكرماء والطلاب والطالبات الذين اهينت سمعة جامعتهم وأهينت مكانتهم بالمطالبة بمحاكمة الدكتورة والدعوة الى فصلها من الجامعة الاردنية بل ومنعها من التدريس في أية جامعة حكومية حرصا على سلامة أفكار طلبتنا ومنعا لمن تسول له نفسه في تشويه سمعة كل البلد والاستقواء بالمنظمات الغربية ذات السمعه المشبوهة من أجل مكاسب شخصية أو انتماءات فكرية شخصية . وقد وصلني قبل قليل ما يلي من أحد الاخوة طلاب الدكتوراة “لقد جهزنا حملة لرفع مذكرة متابعة من قبل الاعيان و النواب السابقين لوزير التعليم العالي لملاحقة الدكتورة قضائيا لمخالفتها اخلاقيات البحث العلمي (الحساسية الثقافية و الدينية ) , و الاساءة لمجتمع الدراسة راجيا من الجميع المتابعة لرد الشبهه عنا نحن كطلاب في الجامعة .” نرجو من الطلبة متابعة الصفحة لمعرفة آخر أخبار هذه الحملة التي ستوجه لوزير التعليم العالي وهناك حملة جمع تواقيع من مئات الطلبة في الجامعة الاردنية لتشكيل لجنة للتحقيق مع الدكتورة داخل الجامعة ثم لتحويلها للقضاء خارج أسوار الجامعة

Kindly note that the original post is in Arabic as can be seen above. Please note that Google Translate is used to translate the above statement;
“I ask Professors and students whose reputation was tarnished to demand a trial for Dr. Quawas and to call for her dismissal from the University of Jordan and even to prevent her from teaching in any public university so that the safety of our students’ intellect is ensured. We must teach her a lesson so that others will not follow in her footsteps by being tempted to tarnish the reputation of the country by asking help from Western organizations with hidden agendas for their own personal gain or their personal ideological affiliations. I have just received the following from one of the PhD students: “I have prepared a campaign to raise a note signed by Senators and former political Representatives to the Minister of Higher Education to prosecute Dr. Quawas judicially for violating the ethics of scientific research (of cultural sensitivity and religion), and the abuse of the academic society hoping that everyone would clear us from the accusations hurled at us in the video”. I hope that students follow my page to see the latest news about this campaign, which will be directed to the Minister of Higher Education, and there is a campaign to collect signatures from hundreds of students at the University of Jordan to form a committee to interrogate Dr. (Quawas) within the university and then to turn her to the judicial system outside the university.”


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