A University teacher asks students to attack another student & tarnish her reputation on Facebook

amjad copy
A University teacher (Amjad Qourshah) asks students to attack another student & tarnish her reputation on Facebook
طالبة في الجامعة الأردنية تقول: الدكتور أمجد قورشة حرَضنا حتى نقوم بالتشهير بأحدا الطالبات

The following conversation took place on September 15th, 2015 between two students “who we decided to mask their names”. These two happen to be studying Shari’a at the University of Jordan. Original screen-shots were taken from a Facebook page while they were discussing a controversial issue regarding Amjad Qourshah; an assistant Prof currently Teaching them the University of Jordan. ” ** Translation will follow”


Translation here to the image above:

Student A: I have personally witnessed more than one incident with this Dr. and I actually cannot site the details here because I might be misunderstood.
But for an example, I was standing there when he asked us (the students) to attack another female student and he asked us to tarnish her reputation because she always had a different view than his. And the girls at class were about to agree and do what he asked.

Student B: Before he asked us to start a Facebook campaign against that girl (who I cannot say her name here), please tell them why and what she did, because a media war has to be answered through media.

Student A: Yes, the girl made a mistake and she is one of the people who managed a media campaign against him. Please remember that I was the one who told the Dr. about these campaigns against him, so that we can answer them. But this does not verify us tarnishing her reputation!!
And remember what he asked from us exactly!!
I had a discussion with this girl as well as the Dr., but he is the one who speaks bad of her. This girl is criticizing him because she heard many wrong things from him.. I am not on her side though..

Student B: I cannot believe the amount of lies this girl made and she really irritated our teacher who is fighting for our religion so lets stand with our religion and not against this man who tries to fight for our religion.

Student A: This girl did not lie at all.
I will stand by my religion but it doesn’t mean to stand by this teacher, whom I respect, but cannot ignore that he made a mistake.
If you want to stand by the religion and the truth, then YOU tell exactly what this teacher asked us to write about this girl…….


Just like that! Amjad Qorshah who attacked many people through the past years in the name of virtue.. He attacked us and attacked Dr. Rula Quawas and her students for their stand on harassment on campus claiming that we are ruining the reputation of the university. This exact same person is now caught pushing his students to do one of the most unacceptable, immoral, and illegal things against one of his female students!
SO! here we have to ask the University of Jordan about it’s current stand regarding this???

Is Amjad Qorshah to be questioned? Is an investigation to take place soon???!!
Our question is addressed to UJ President Dr. Ikhlaif Al Tarawneh..
And we sure hope that he doesn’t turn a blind eye!!


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