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كثيرون هم المؤيدين من جميع أنحاء العالم..  تبادلوا أفكارهم على الانترنت .. بعضهم اختار التغريد، الكتابة على صفحات الفيسبوك، وبعضهم نشر الملاحظات على مواقع أو مدونات شخصية
يمكنك الانضمام الى “كلنا رولا قواس والحرية الأكاديمية” من خلال ترك رساله أدناه

Supporters from all over the world have been sharing their thoughts online.. Some chose to support by twittering, writing on their facebook pages, or by publishing notes on their websites or personal blogs.. You can also join “Supporting Rula Quawas & Academic Freedom” by leaving your message below…
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62 responses to “Join the Supporters”

  1. Dalya says :

    “I said it once and i’ll say it again. Things are going downhill by the day over there. It’s all about protecting the reputation of an organization or NGO or someone’s interests. I remember writing about corporal punishment in Jordanian public schools. You should see the idiotic responses i got from education officials. Why are you writing about this? You want to harm the country’s reputation? You want to hurt our public school image? No pal, i want to turn a blind eye to the crap that goes on in your schools. Useless.”

  2. jafar says :

    “As journalists we’ve seen this day in and day out, but this is a travesty on a whole new level. Quawas is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of teacher and her contribution to the university is in many ways unequalled. Teachers of her caliber are the saving grace of a university that has absolutely nothing to offer in terms of viable research or sustainable education. We are a culture of self-imposed mediocrity. We’d rather live in denial and swim in our own social sewage than look our problems in the eye.”

  3. Liza says :

    “Very disappointing how JU will never become civilized- it’s way behind any plan towards intellectual development! Prof. Qawas is one of the unique, knowledgeable, and brilliant people one could ever have the privilege to meet.”

  4. Jared says :

    “This is one of the most shameful things I’ve heard in a long time Jordan. Really incredibly badly done. I know Professor Quawas personally and know her to be a dedicated academic and visionary thinker. Removing her because she and her students dared to challenge the revolting system of sexual harassment omnipresent in Jordan makes me sick..

  5. issa says :

    “As an excellent professor with an enviable track record, she clearly has been mistreated. It is amazing how in this day and age, we hide behind social issues and dismiss thought leaders like Professor Quawas!.”

  6. R Singh says :

    A brilliantly made video and she should be reinstated as she opened the uni’s mind 2 challenges of freedom and respect

  7. Khalida says :

    “Rula should be proud, *****, that she is able to walk the talk. Unlike many who theorize change, but do not have the transparency to deal with facets of the truth, the movie produced is evidence that things can be done. And although Rula deserves all the support people can offer, I don’t think she needs it. Her productive impact and bravery are the tools that will force themselves sooner or later. Authorities need to start asking the appropriate questions like: what can we do with what we find? NOT how can we supress this to hide an ugly reality? Ugliness will not disappear if we brush it under old carpets!”

  8. Karim & Sarah says :

    Karim Wrote;
    “I loved this video! I would like to congratulate the women who accepted to be on this video, it takes a lot of courage to protest to society like that…God bless you and keep pushing forward…take the blows, but move forward.”
    Sarah Wrote;
    “Dr Rula is a very well kown figure at Uni of Jordan ! I am surprised she is no longer the Dean because of such a brave work…i worked in uni of Jordan as a clinical assistant and i know exactly whats going on , i visited my faculty a couple of months back …and yeah the situation is getting worse …detoriarating i would say ..! Something has to done….”

  9. lucy says :

    “This video should be something that the University pays attention to. If it gives them a “bad” reputation, then they should show the world that they will address serious issues such as sexual harrassment. The treatment of Professor Rula just shows that the University deserves all of the bad media.
    I say this an international student who went to UJ last year and I had to call the police in Ramadan as the sexual harrassment I faced was so aggressive that I was scared for my safety at the time.
    This is a problem the whole country faces and it represents a culture outside of University as well. It is everybodies responsibility to act and behave both respectfully and modestly. In Jordan I found that there is a constant reminder for woman to act accordingly, however I think some men (and there are many good men in Jordan), however there are some men who forget that they too should act accordingly.”

  10. Farah says :

    “As a female student at the University of Jordan i face harassment throughout the day whether in or out of the campus. And i do get the point of this video, but the comments they used were over exaggerated! I have never heard such harsh comments throughout the two years i have spent here. Nevertheless, comments were thrown at me by security guards (university staff) and police officers on my way to class, hearing them talk about me as if i were an object, i thought to myself these are the people i would go to for help and protection and yet they are the ones harassing me!! And honestly to all those people throwing comments around, what is it that you expect in return?!.”

  11. Laila says :

    Dr. Rula, the only one who cared to listen AND to understand, never judge or influence. The only mentor I ever had. The only one who deserved paying attention to at any Jordanian educational organisation

  12. zeina says :

    we seem to push the good ones away because they make those around them look bad i.e. #RulaQuawas then we wonder wt went wrong!

  13. ليلى الأطرش says :

    إقالة الدكتورة رلى قواس من عمادة كليات اللغات الأجنبية في الحامعة الأردنية في ظرف عادي شأن إداري وحق للجامعة، ية أما أن تؤخر الجامعة قرارها بعد” موقعة اليوتيوب بشهور لإقناع الناس بأنه لا علاقة للقرار باليوتيوب الذي يمثل صرخة الطالبات المحجبات قبل غيرهن على التحرش اللفظي المسيء جدا وفي حرم الجامعة الأجدر بالجامعة التحقق من التحرش ومنعه بدلا من معاقبة من سمحت بمشروع دراسي لم تعلم أنه سيوضع على اليوتيوب، المشاجرات وضرب الأمواس والتحرش الجنسي وتحريض بعضهم على الطائفية والعشائرية تحتاج لردع من إدارة الجامعة لا معاقبة من يكشفها

  14. walid maaytah says :

    We, as a people, are just so good at pretending that there’s no problem, which happens this time to be “Sexual Harassment.” We all know the depth and extent to which this problem exists and is spread in our society, but bringing up the subject to the forefront just irks some people who live in a coward, fantastic world where the best way to deal with a problem is to ignore it and it may just go away by itself. Rula is a brave woman, and I tip my hat to her in respect and appreciation – for her mind and for her courage to stand up and speak out. Moreover, I have no respect, but utter disgust, at any one that tries to muzzle and gag brave minds, and to stop them from exercising their God-given right of expressing their mind. Again, I salute you, Rula!

  15. Paula J. King says :

    We support our friend Rula here in Minnesota. We are her friends and colleagues who attended the Global Women’s Leadership Convening: Women in Public Life together in July 2011. The actions taken by the of the University of Jordan, Amman embarrass and bring dishonor to the University much more than do the brave students who stood up for themselves against a climate of harassment of women. They are courageous. Acts of censorship are not.

    Silencing people backfires and it has backfired this time.

  16. Ahlam says :

    أنا ايضا رولا قواس و أتمنى أن أكونها طوال العمر

  17. مرام says :

    وأنا أيضاً مع كلنا رولا قواس. ليتنا جميعا بشجاعتها
    مرام، السعودية

  18. Rebecca says :

    I strongly support Prof.Quawass., a strong and brave women, it is a shame how things turned out to be. instead of help solving existing problems we want to keep them in the dark..
    Where is the freedom of speech , freedom of opinion and human rights

  19. Rina Bar-Tal says :

    My name is RIna Bar-Tal and I’m the former Chair of e Israel Women’s Network (2000- 2012). I met Rula summer 2011 at the Global WOmen’s Leadership Convening – St. Kate’s University in St. Paul MN USA were Sen. Sandy Pappas and Pula King brought together women from Israel and Jordan with the intent of elevating the level of involvement and setting goals around global women’s leadership – we are all pro-peace women and we agreed to set aside our own national and political agendas and focus just on how we learn from each other as women – how we might support each other, mentor each other and work on other projects together. We thought that this has a great potential as a future model for emerging women leaders. And here we are with this unbelieivable injustice done to Rula Quawass, my very brave and special new friend and collegue. Are these the new times in Egypt?? Is this what the Arab Spring is all about?? This is MUCH MORE than about FREEDOM its about LIGHT and DARKNESS its about THE RIGHT to protest and the wish to llive in a more JUST society. I solute you my friend Rula!!! Keep the LIGHT and carry your own TRUTH.

  20. عنود مت الامارات says :

    فيديو رائع! كلّ الاحترام للنساء الشجاعات ولمن أنتج العمل بهذه الطريقة المعبّرة!

  21. دارين says :

    لأن شجاعة البنت: فضيحة!
    لأنها كلما كانت جبانة، كانت مؤدبة، ويجب ألا تردد ما تسمعه من بذاءات، يجب أن تسمع وتخرس.
    لأن من طردها بسبب هذا الفيديو أرعبته جرأة كل من شاركت فيه..
    يعني بالعربي: قلك بكرا هاي بتجي بتلبس طربوشي!!

  22. الرواشدة says :

    الموضوع ليس موضوع الدكتورة قواس شخصيا فأنا لا أعرفها شخصيا و لكني كمواطن أردني أخذ كلام سيد البلاد كدستور أعيش عليه قبل أن اتبع الدستور الأردني , أعلم و بدون تفكير ان هذا الأمر يخالف جميع التوجيهات الملكية منذ استلام الملك عبدالله الثاني سلطاته الدستورية , فجلالة الملك يقول في كل المحافل الدولية بل يفتخر بسقف الحريات التي يتمتع به المواطن الأردني في جميع المجالات سواء كانت سياسية أو تعليمية , فلم نعهد أبدا في هذا البلاد ان يعاقب شخص مثل الدكتورة قواس بهذه الطريقة الغير اخلاقية فقط لأنها دعمت طالبات يتحدثون بكل حرية عن مشكلة يواجهونها بشكل يومي , الدستور يحمي حق هؤلاء الطالبات بقول ما يريدون و هذا حق أي مواطن أردني و لا يحق لأي شخص مهما كان منصبه في هذه الدولة أخذ أو التطاول على هذا الحق المشروع , أما الدكتورة فأنا شخصيا لا أعلم ما هو الجرم الذي قامت به؟ هل كان من المفروض ان تتجاهل معاناة طالباتها؟
    و هل من المطلوب ان تحمي المعتدي على حساب الضحية في هذه الحالة؟ النظام الأكاديمي في الأردن كان لعقود طويلة من أفضل الأنظمة في الشرق الأوسط , فهل تعتبر هذه الخطوة بداية التراجع أم ان من اتخذ هذا القرار الطائش سيتراجع عن قراره و يصلح الخطأ الغير مبرر؟؟

  23. Sue Kuncio says :


    You are a visionary and speaker of the truth. Know that the actions of the University of Jordan have brought shame upon the University, not the actions of you or your students.If they think they can make this go away by dismissing you, they will find out just how much outrage their actions have brought to the University.

    Stand tall, Rula, we support you!

  24. Madison says :

    “As a former UJ student I am appalled. These women were being smart and courageous and addressing a threat the their academic integrity and it my deepest hope that UJ immediately takes corrective action in reinstating Dr. Quawas to her post.”

  25. Safa’a says :

    “I graduated from the same university in 2010. I have witnessed some embarrassing situation with our female students and their male professors. I wanted to speak up on behalf of these students but they were too afraid to do that. I am not going to lie and say that I have gain nothing from this University but sometimes I regret graduating form such a great uni having such disgusting stories. We pretend we believe in God, some professors pretend to lead the message of education but sadly they lead other messages as well. Dr. Rula Quawas is one of the most great professors I have ever met. She is not only a professor to me, she is also a great mother who considers every student in this university is a child of hers. I know I have not attended any classes with her due to my major but I have witnessed every great piece of work she has done in the campus and in her lectures. May Allah Bless you Dr. Rula and be sure that we are all with you,”

  26. Marina Abdelahad (@MarinaAbdelAhad) says :

    We are all supporting you Rula Quawas, you are a great brave teacher.
    Sexual harassment is a serious problem around the world and in Jordan too; so enough! We in Jordan have to freely speak out against it and find the right solutions for this. No more Silence!

  27. Zeina Shahzada says :

    Do the right thing University of Jordan! Offer Dr Quawas a public apology and her Dean function back!

  28. Ahmad says :

    كل الدعم والتأييد للدكتورة رلى قواس، عميدة كلية اللغات الاجنبية وأستاذة النظرية النسوية في الجامعة الاردنية ضد القمع

  29. Abood says :

    Hats off to all girls who produced this video.

  30. lisbeth says :

    I was raped on campus by a faculty member in Europe and when I think of what I got to hear from the university and how no professor was willing to support me, not because they didn’t believe me but because they were afraid of getting in trouble themselves, I am not at all surprised that the university in Jordan is blaming Professor Quawas instead of proclaiming to do something to end the harrassment.

    I think that Prof. Quawas knew that she might face repercussions. For me, that makes her and her students more courageous. I hope that she knows that there are also people out there, who appreciate what she and her students did.

  31. هيام says :

    الدكتورة رولا قواس من افضل دكاترة الجامعة و قسم اللغة الانجليزية بالتحديد و أنا الي الشرف انها درستني في يوم من الايام و الفيديو للي بيحكي عن الإساءة يستخدم لغة الشارع اللي بسمعوها البنات كل يوم و يمكن الحقيقة تكون مزعجة للبعض بس هاد ما بيعني انه نلغي حرية الطلاب بالتعبير عن وجهة نظر و نبطل اساليب التلقين الفاشلة و نتطور على الاقل على مستوى التعليم العالي يعني للأسف أنا حاليا عائشة باستراليا و شهاداتي من الأردن غير معترف فيها !!! يعني باختصار بليت شهاداتي اللي من الاردنية و شربت ميتهم

  32. Fan of real Justice says :

    She’s a brilliant person, with enlightened mind and a lot of courage, more than I can say for a lot of small and closed-minded people in this country. As usual, let’s bury our heads in the sand and pretend that there’s no such problem. So typical, and so lame!!!!!

  33. Sawsan says :

    رولا قواس أول الناطقين بالحق المرأة ليست وسيلة لتسليلاتكم

  34. hala says :

    فصل الدكتورة رولا قواس كعميدة لكلية اللغات الأجنبية بشكل تعسفي هو عار كبير على إدارة الجامعة الأردنية ذلك الصرح الأكاديمي العظيم.كفاكم جهلاً

  35. زميلة للدكتورة says :

    الدكتورة رلى من افضل واعظم اساتذة الجامعة من علم وخبرة ومعرفة ونشيطة جدا وحنونة وعطوفه ذات خلق رفيع فهي ظلمت قبل ذلك عندم انهي عقدها في مركز دراسات المراة بعد ان هملت به بكل جدارة ونشاط ولكن نحن شعوب لا نريد التقدم ونريد ان نبقى كما نحن

  36. د. جامعة أردنية says :

    انا بعرف الدكتورة شخصياً وهي ذات علم ومعرفة عظيمين والفبم غير مؤذي وواقعي وهذه حرية تعبير أكاديمية لا يفهمها ذوي العقول المحدودة، إلى متى لا نستطيع الدفاع عن حريتنا الأكاديمية ونرضح للعقلية المتخلفة والاقع المرير للأمة العربية، ألم يحن الوقت للتحرر والديمقراطية، بكفي تخلف الله عليكم، دكتورة رولا كلنا معك

  37. Abbas says :

    الاردن بلد ينتشر فيها التحرش الجنسي في الجامعات والكليات لازم نعترف ولانكابر باسم السمعة اكبر دول العالم فيها تحرش
    لازم نثقف الشعب اولا ان نربي ابناءناعلى ان هذه البنت ممكن ان تكون اختك ولا تتافف في لبس او شكل البنت

  38. MsZM85 says :

    I was in the bus once, and a guy was setting with his uncle. His uncle was telling him if the girl was all covered up, just look and her ankles and you can imagine how her body is !!!! . We are living in a stupid ignorant community. As girls we hear a lot of these words, guys find it weird to see things through our eyes. Thank you girls for shedding some light on places we never go to in our discussions.

  39. mohammad says :

    Thanks Dr Qawwas for the great work. The University of Jordan should be teaching its students more and more to respect personal freedoms, diversity, team work, creative and non violent resistances against violences and oppression, freedom of speech, and some very basic rights to life and dignity!!! However, in this case and according to systems of oppression this discourse can be subversive!!! Sadly, this is to reinforce power structures of systems of oppressions!! Once again thanks Dr. Qawwas for the great work.

  40. HIBA says :

    انا معك دكتوره رلى و بحييك
    تضحيتك جزء من نضالنا

  41. MMabu says :

    it is a very good project ,,,, will done ,,,, keep fighting for your rights .
    no one has the right to harass you ….. DO NOT listen to anyone who is trying to discriminating you or underestimate your work by the name of religion or culture.. wish u luck in future projects

  42. عمر says :

    انا عايش في الاردن وبعرف !!! لسا البنات مش حاكيات اشي عن اللي بصير في شوارع الوطن، يا بنات الله يويفقكم ولا يهمكم تعليقات البشر، لكم الله، اكملوا طريقكم وافضحوا المصائب التي تحدث في شوارعنا

  43. منار حمد says :

    الى متى تبقى الفتاة منتهكت الحقوق في جميع ارجاء الوطن عربي ولما تتكلم وتدافع عن حريتها بيقولو عليها بنت موكويسة احنا البنات ابسط حقوقنا الي فاقدينها انا مابنقدر نمشي بالشارع بحرية وهذة ابسط الامور ليش بتعملو هيك مابعرف اتقو الله في نصفكم الثاني انا احيي هالمجموعة من البنات الجريئات وربي يكون معاهم وان شاء الله الفتاة العربية تنول احترامها او بالاحرى حريتها وكرامتها الي عطاها الها الله عز وجل ورسولنا الكريم

  44. Rasha says :

    Bravo, this is a courageous video… i hope more people will have the courage to face their harrassers and maybe one day this retarded mindset will change.

  45. BlazerGurl26 says :

    Woww am so proud 🙂

    It’s frustrating to deal with close minded guys like that who think that girls are nothing but a piece of meat made for sex and just to satisfy their low needs and to fill their eyes.

    It hard dealing with this phenomena every single day.

    Thank youu for making a stand about this.
    Go girls xoxo

  46. A Muhtaseb says :

    How is this fadeeha??? The fadeeha is what those males say and do to these young women. They are brave and should be supported for standing up against harrassment. The real “fadeeha” is the decision to fire the dean, professor Qawwas as a result!

  47. Zay says :

    طول ما الزباله في القاع فنحن صمّ بكمُ وغير مباليون! و اول ردة فعل لنا عند اصدامنا بواقعها هو الاستماتة بالانكار…. ومن ثم اتهامها بأنها ظاهره محدوده، ونباشر باتهام ولوم الضحيه ! واذا فشل كل ما سبق، نبدأ بأسلوب “أنا حر.. انا هيك”. وعبيل ما انت اتبطل هيك، لازم البنات ايضلوا يسمعوا حكي وسخ و جارح و أنت غارش كرمال سمعة الجامعه، العفن بالسر أحسن من الوضع المقبول بالعلن، ايوه، هيك الأكاديميين ولا بلاش.. يا للعار

  48. Helen Haddad says :

    Almost 18 years ago, I had the privilege of being Prof. Qawas student. When all other teachers depended on spoon feeding me the information provided in the curriculum, she challenged me. She taught me how to be creative, she taught me how to express my thoughts and helped me polish my writer skills. I came to love books and writing so much because of her. I learned to research and present information in a creative way through her classes. I, for the first time, enjoyed learning and that is why I took with me to life as a teacher and a mother. I always looked forward for her classes and never had one dull moment. Whenever I needed her and when I was at the lowest point of my life, when I could not confide in anyone, she was there. She opened her arms for me and brought me back from wherever I was heading to a better future. When I decided to become a teacher, I made her my model teacher. I taught the curriculum but also taught my students what I have learned from my wonderful teacher. My third graders learned to research and present their information as if they were in college. I listened to my students, appreciated each one’s abilities and talents, and encouraged them to be creative and express themselves just the way she did with me. Because she was born to be a teacher, I was called a person born to be a teacher. Prof. Qawas, I don’t know if you read this or not and I do not know if you remember me, but I just want to tell you that the day you sat with me in your office, the day I opened my heart to you, the day you held me in your hands, is the day I have found a reason to live and excel. You told me the sky is the limit and that I should never look for someone to complete me because I am complete and great as I am. I became a teacher who excelled at her job, I became a mom whose kids are at the Gifted program, I have attained my Masters degree with an GPA of 3.39, I have become a great write who people appreciate and read her blog constantly, and I am still on my way to the sky all because of you. I believe in you and your work and support you! You deserve better.

  49. Rima says :

    its difficult to understand midevil mentalities that are still governing some parts in this world..i sincerely wish that people could understand hat women constitute 50% of the society and not sex objects

  50. Ruba says :

    Dr. Rula sets a great example to youth not the other way around!

  51. Sana says :

    What happened is wrong and what she did is heroice

  52. shereen says :

    I am one of her students and because of her guidance I became a teacher, she was the one to inspire me and guide me to that

    field which I loved and grew my wings through it 😉

  53. Rawan Al Damen says :

    Prof Qawwas is and will always be my mentor.

  54. Ronald says :

    The role of women has been given short shrift globally. There would probably more widespread peace if women were dictating policy.

  55. Randa says :

    The university of Jordan should have rewarded Dr. Rula for encouraging students to practice civic responsibility and for exposing harassment on campus. The university should have taken measures to address the problem at the core like other renowened universities did around the world to provide a safe and gender sensitive environment for female students instead of hiding behind the walls and allowing for sexist perspectives to surface.

  56. Waleed says :

    dr. rula is one brave woman and that her dismissal represents everything that i dont believe in

  57. Manal says :

    Men should stop to act that they are owning the world and always blame the women for making sins. Why doesn’t everyone have a conscious and let it work? Why don’t we blame ourselves before blaming others? Hang your mistakes on your hook not on other’s hook! Believe in other as you believe in yourself. Listen to others as you love other to hear you! Prof. Rula is really the best one to teach her student to express themselves respectfully.

  58. Nadine says :

    Freedom of speech is our right. Fighting against what is wrong is our duty & we are with professor Rula till the end. We need to stop hypocrisy & immature behavior. Instead of denying facts we need to change reality!

  59. Dana says :

    لن نتقدم خطوة واحدة إلى الأمام ما دمنا لا نزال نحاسب الضحية ونترك الجاني
    ولأنني أرى في الدكتورة رولا شخصية يجب تكريمها على جرأتها في الطرح وتشجيعها لفتيات سيقدن المجتمع يوماً ما على الكلام والتعبير الحر غير المنمق
    لأن خدش الحياء الحقيقي هو في ما نتعرض له كأردنيات في الشوارع وأماكن العمل والتعلم وليس في شكوانا مما تعرضنا له..

  60. Hanan says :

    Dr. Rula and her students, were dealing with a realistic phenomenon and she did not intend to intend to jeopardize the university’s reputation. Transparency was her goal. Wish all involved in the issue were as clear and transparent as she is!

  61. Jumana says :

    I am a student of Dr. Rula, I believe in her and cannot witness an educated person be victimized for doing no wrong and remain silent. Jordanian girls have a right to speak up constructively against sexual harassment.

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